Get the vote out!

No, this is not a political appeal of any sorts. However, your opinion matters! The outdoor exhibition ‘Art by the River’ in downtown Lansing this summer was designed in part to engage the public in a dialogue about art. Each of the artists, me included, has recorded the inspiration for our entered piece and a brief biography. In addition, the gallery has created a website where you can view the same information – and VOTE for your favorite piece. The signs on our pieces include both the phone number and a QR code for you techie-types. How cool is that?

But, it only works if you participate. Take some time and come downtown to view the works in person, it really is a nice place to be – especially when the sun is shining. If you cannot get here, at least visit the website and leave a comment or a vote – even if it’s not for me (though how could that be?!?). A lot of people took a lot of time organizing this event, and eight artists took a lot of time putting together the pieces. Having met most of the players now, I can say they are nice people that deserve to know their work is appreciated.

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Please vote for your favorite piece in ‘Art by the River’.


Press Coverage

How EXCITING! The Lansing Art Gallery has been doing a wonderful job of getting the word out about their summer outdoor exhibition ‘Art by the River’. The uber cool part – my piece has been getting exposure… Yippee!

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‘River Respite’ Installed

Boy, this blogging thing is easy to neglect. But enough about my lack of manners for those of you kind enough to follow me here…

‘River Respite’ has been installed on the Riverwalk in downtown Lansing for the outdoor exhibition ‘Art by the River’. And, I must say, it came out wonderfully! What do you think?

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Stratus’ Spheres

In April, I took the piece entitled “Stratus’ Spheres” into Grove Gallery. Fortunately for me, a very supportive fellow artist (thank you Deb, was in and purchased it right away. Now only that, but this being the second garden-size sphere she has bought from me, she now needs a third to complete the artistic trilogy. Whew, thankfully she’s the patient sort because I need to finish up “River Respite” soon.

How about you, dear reader, wouldn’t you like to join in the fun and adorn your yard or garden with a beautiful art piece?

It’s Official

It’s official. ‘River Respite’ has been accepted for inclusion in the 2012 Art by the River Exhibition curated by the Lansing Art Gallery. They’re working on where my piece will be displayed, including an option of being IN the Grand River, so final design changes might be in order. Quite an honor to have my first-ever sculpture proposal accepted.

“River Respite”

I submitted a proposal, earlier this week, to Art by the River – a river trail exhibit this summer by the Lansing Art Gallery. Here are a few pictures of my maquette. I’ll let you know the results next week. Wish me luck.

Concept Statement

I have fond memories of living on the Grand River, and the long canoe trips with my young family. I’ve included these memories in the sculpture, “River Respite”. It’s the lazy bend in the river where the lily pads and cattails congregate. It’s calm and quiet. It’s the darting color and endless amusement of the dragonflies. It’s the wonder and amazement of frogs – especially when dodging little hands. It’s the children inevitably hopping about the riverbank, from one imaginary lily pad to the next.

This sculpture is intended to be interactive and photogenic; the passerby is encouraged to sit for a spell, and children can mimic a frog on a not-so-imaginary lily pad.

Newest Piece – Sunflower

Sorry, folks, it’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything new to the site, mainly because it’s been awhile since I created anything new! As the season cooled down, so went my motivation. Somewhere between a freezing ‘shop’, getting engrossed in a book series, family time, attempting to buy a house (with a big shop – oh yeah!)… well, you get the idea. In spite of those excuses, however, I recently spent a little time in the shop and created this piece. It’s currently available at Grove Gallery. Enjoy.

Bottle Art

Seems that more and more bottles are finding their way into yards everywhere – as art, not litter. Below are a couple of ideas I’ve come up with, and more are on the way.

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A Concise History of the Bottle Tree

The bottle tree reflects an ancient African tradition that can be traced as far back as ninth century Congo where natives hung hand-blown glass on huts and trees to ward off evil. The tradition crossed the Atlantic and became a part of Southern African-American folklore. In the early American South, trees, typically cedar because its branches point toward the heavens, were stripped of foliage and decorated with colorful glass bottles.

According to African legend, the bottles attract evil spirits, which are drawn to the bursts of sunlit color. The spirits then become trapped inside the bottles, their voices heard moaning as the wind passes by. Though the legend that the bottles trap evil spirits is widely accepted, some believe that the bottles hold the spirits of their ancestors, while others contend that the bottle tree grants wishes.

A Testimonial

Received a picture today from my friend, Kelly Larson, of her necklace tree installed and filled with bling. She also critiqued it for me so I can make future versions even better. I think it looks great, but all of you can decide for yourself.

She wrote:

“By the way, I showed my sister your jewelry tree and she said (and I quote) “Wow, that’s really cool. That’s like…art!” I thought you would appreciate knowing that.”

Yes, Kelly, I do appreciate it. Thank you.

Wedding Props

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Friends of ours were recently married. I was honored to be asked to create a cake topper for the special occasion. I also created some shepard’s hooks for the aisle, and a nifty magnetic photo frame as the gift.